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Inspection of operating wind towers

Frame weld inspection

Due to the fatigue of the materials and the vibrations to which the wind turbine is subjected, it is necessary to carry out a periodic inspection of the frame welds, to rule out the appearance of defects. To this end, BUQUELAND performs standard NDT inspections (Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particles, Penetrating Liquids and Visual Inspection) on these welds to prevent structural failures and extend the useful life of the equipment.

Transition ring inspection (Alurings)

Using recordable techniques such as Ultrasonic Phased Array to detect cracks arising from material fatigue during the lifetime of the wind turbine.

Structural element inspection

Through NDT such as door, reinforcements, stairs, etc. and checking of the connecting bolts of sections, to rule out cracks in the thread, by means of standard UT or Phased Array.

Mechanical elements inspection

Inspection of the low speed shaft, bearings and supports of the multiplier by means of standard Ultrasonic or Phased Array, and magnetic particles, in search of corrosion or fatigue cracks open to the surface.

BUQUELAND also inspects the manufacture and repair of frames and axles of any type of nacelle, drawing up inspection procedures agreed upon with the client, for each type of wind turbine.