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Thickness measurement

The ultrasonic THICKNESS MEASUREMENT is based on the use of high frequency sound energy, which is incident perpendicularly to the surface to be tested and on the measurement of the time elapsed in the path of the sound from its emission to its return. In this case, a single probe acts as both transmitter and receiver.

This test provides valuable information for the detection of thickness losses in pipes, boilers, tanks, bulkheads, ship hulls, etc. Having information on thickness losses will allow you to avoid potential risks to the integrity of your assets and therefore reduce costs.

BUQUELAND is focused on the THICKNESS MEASUREMENT of OFFSHORE STRUCTURES and SHIPS, measuring thicknesses of hull, main structure and its different elements in order to detect areas of degradation due to material decrease, breakage, erosion or corrosion always following the IACS regulations and the different classification companies for any type of vessel.

We have measurement equipment with paint detection and A-Scan screen display. In addition, in collaboration with other organizations, we offer Remote Thickness Measurement using DRONES.

Our experience and skills are guaranteed by our CERTIFICATIONS issued by the most significant Classification Organizations worldwide (LR, DNV-GL, ABS, BV and NKKClass) over more than 10 years.

BUQUELAND provides:

  • Thickness measurements on shipowner’s or customer’s request.
  • Thickness measurement for the different classification companies NKK Class, LR, ABS, DNV-GL and BV.
  • Class renewals (Special Surveys), intermediate and CAP inspections, as well as on-board inspections.
  • Reports issued according to SSCC requirements and standards.