Our Services

Shipbuilding dimensional control

We are specialized in naval, civil and military construction, from measurements and production support to integral project management, from the initial preparation and planning phase to its execution and delivery to the customer.

We offer the following services

  • Project study according to construction strategy to define the different phases of measurement and specific scopes
  • Preparation of Dimensional Control procedures
  • Layout and leveling of support units such as beds, aimadas, cribs, etc.
  • Scribing and positioning of all types of elements for sub-block/block assembly
  • Final block measurements
  • 3D digital simulation of the block
  • 3D digital simulation of block fitting
  • Geometrical control of block assembly for section formation
  • Tracing of surplus for cutting before assembly maneuvers
  • Geometrical control of section joints in harrow or dyke
  • Alignment and fabrication of shaft lines and their respective components
  • Rudder file alignment and assembly
  • Final measurements (as built)
  • Equipment pole routing and positioning
  • Tracing and positioning of arming flanges
  • Implementation of a reference system for equipment and armament calibration
  • Drawing of fretwork, axes, references, waterlines, hull indications, insignia, etc.
  • Drawing up of plans
  • Preparation of reports

We also carry out kinematic studies of ship displacements during launching using GNSS networks.