Our origin

BUQUELAND SRLU was born by natural evolution of CODI CALIDAD SRL, this one in turn founded in 1999 and heir in its Direction and experience of DIMENSIONAL CONTROL (year of foundation 1986).

The dynamism and diversification required by the development of various sectors in the last 25 years, led BUQUELAND to be created in 2003 to reinforce and complement the services demanded by our clients in large projects and involvement in new market niches.

BUQUELAND has inherited from CODI CALIDAD and specifically from its Management, FCO. Javier Mejías, the ethical principles by which he is still governed today, based on a maximum commitment to the client, efficiency, rigor, impartiality, transparency and honesty, as well as invaluable experience and Know How in activities such as Dimensional Control, where he was a pioneer, and sectors such as offshore and naval construction, among others.

Buqueland today

Currently, BUQUELAND is present in the main national industrial hubs, positioned as a leader company in the development of large new construction projects, both naval, offshore and offshore wind in recent years, in the process of internationalization in order to provide comprehensive coverage to its own clients in manufacturing projects outside the national territory and opening to emerging markets.

It has a large, highly qualified and certified top-level technical team, specialized and experienced in the different services it offers and the sectors in which it works.

Maintaining the values ​​transmitted by his father, Javier Mejías today leads the common BUQUELAND project, sharing these same values ​​with his team and each member of the organization, and from respect for his origins, committing to continuous improvement and specialization, technological development, innovation and sustainability for the benefit of our customers and our society.