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Measurement of radionuclide contamination

The Radon problem not only affects buildings, but also industry, as in the specific case of storage tanks for raw materials or ship cargo tanks, where after emptying the tanks, there are remaining particles emitting radioisotopes that are very harmful to health, which, for safety reasons, require a level control before approving access by personnel for subsequent inspection, maintenance or repair of the structure.

Radon gas is a carrier for its short-lived decomposition products (Pb-210 and Po-210), which present many more health risks.

Through Gamma Spectrometry, BUQUELAND offers shipping companies, shipowners and maintenance and repair shipyards verification of Pb-210 levels to delimit access limits to tanks or the need to eliminate particulate emitting residues.

It has portable radionuclide contamination measuring equipment, which quickly provides, after conversion of the measurements obtained after surface sweeps, values in Bq/cm2 that are compared with the official limits established or recommended.

In addition, BUQUELAND provides dosimetric area control services per tank during the whole period of work in the holds or cargo tanks for their maintenance.