At BUQUELAND we are aware of the importance that our actions must contribute to the improvement of society and the preservation of our planet.
That is why our global and integrated goal in all areas and departments of the entity is geared towards economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Climate change is a problem that affects and concerns us all. In BUQUELAND we strive to undertake measures aimed at alleviating this problem within our possibilities, thus contributing with active participation in the fight against this phenomenon.
We have recently replaced the lighting fixtures in our offices with LED lighting systems, which consume less energy than the traditional systems previously used.

We also promote among all our personnel a culture of respect and protection of the environment and seek a responsible use of our resources in all our activities. We promote recycling, the proper treatment of waste from our activities, the minimization of the use of plastics, etc.
On a regular basis, we maintain continuous control over the identification and evaluation of our significant environmental aspects and associated risks in order to eliminate or minimize the impacts generated by our activities.
In this line, plastic cups and bags commonly used in all offices have been replaced by other environmentally friendly biodegradable materials, donations of computer equipment are made to NGOs for reuse and/or recycling, etc. thus framing our activities within the circular economy and we recycle all the waste we produce in accordance with the legislation, among other actions.

Our employees are committed to the fight against climate change and the preservation of the environment and, together with management, to fostering a work environment of mutual respect and equality among all members of the organization. Values that are fundamental for the growth of our society and that BUQUELAND promotes at all levels for the creation of a healthy environment without discrimination.