Our Services

Dimensional control in offshore structures and offshore wind

We have the capacity to develop large-scale projects, participating in both measurements and management from the initial stage of the project, evaluating needs, measurement strategy according to production strategy, study or definition of requirements and control points, preparation of measurement procedures and report formats for approval by the end customer.

We support our customers by being fully integrated in their projects, advising and providing solutions for process improvement, working hand in hand with their production department in order to minimize time and costs in corrective works, as well as acting as interlocutors with the end customer when required.

We offer the following services:

Project study. Definition of measurement strategy, preparation of procedures and report formats for final client approval
Measurement in all phases
Measurement of fabrication of primary or secondary structural elements
Verifications at material delivery
Measurements at origin for outsourced elements
Assembly and positioning of primary and secondary structure and auxiliary elements
Dimensional control before and after welding
Structural fitting
Setting out and leveling of supports (beds, imadas, cradles, towers…)
Settlement control
Calculation of structural main and secondary points
Digital 3D simulations for elements assembly and cut calculation
Plans drawing up

We rely on the most advanced technological equipment suitable for the requirements and accuracies demanded and we work with the most advanced software for the elaboration of reports, calculations and 3D modeling, such as 3DReshaper and Spatial Analyzer.