Buqueland, a new client we worked with during the month of November

Last November, we started working with a new reference client in the province of Cadiz, Buqueland, a leading company in the Industrial, Naval, Wind and Offshore sectors.

We will conduct a 360º Motivation Audit, which allows us to have an internal vision of the company and provides very useful information to managers. They also help employees to expose what they see, think and feel, allowing the employer to implement actions that improve employee motivation and serve to further unite the workforce. This type of business activity is practiced by between 25% and 40% of the 500 most powerful companies in the U.S., according to a specialized article in FORTUNE magazine, world reference companies such as Google, Apple or Microsoft.

Buqueland, born 11 years ago, specializes in the development of services in the naval, industrial, wind and offshore sectors, such as Integral Quality Control, Non Destructive Testing, Industrial Radiography, Thickness Measurement, Inspection and Control of Paint Application and Surface Treatments, and Dimensional Control. At the beginning of the year he received a prize and an award from AJE Cadiz (Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Cadiz) for his Business Career. They currently have several offices located in Cadiz, Ferrol and Vigo, and are also present in countries such as Estonia, Uruguay, Morocco and Germany.